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digitaldeviants's Journal

Digital Deviants Graphics
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This is a community for all of you graphic deviants out there! Icons, bases, templates, tutorials, FO banners, anything and everything related to Live Journal and blogging! Do you make graphics? JOIN! Do you love looking at graphics? JOIN! Do you want to request a graphic? JOIN!

Let's get the rules out of the way!

NO drama, we are a drama-free zone and will keep it that way! :-)

2. When making requests, please limit them to
ONCE per week. And do NOT hound the person that is making your graphic(s). BIG no-no.

3. We PREFER that you NOT ask for credit, UNLESS it is
YOUR original art. If you must ask for credit you MUST do so with respect. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

4. Please use an LJ-cut for friends only banners, lots of icons, etc. You can show up to three "teasers" before the cut.

ANYTHING with nudity, violence or swear words MUST be a Friends Only post put behind an lj-cut and should have a *not work / child safe* warning.

6. NO fighting, no he/she stole my icon..blah blah, it's annoying and again, we are a drama free zone. Fighting will not be tolerated and is grounds for being banned. Just fair warning! ;-)

7. You may advertise your community or personal icon journal, IF it is included in an icons/graphics post. Advertisements posted without icons or graphics will be deleted. Please limit your advertisements to once (no more than twice) per week.

If you would like to be affiliated, please let us know where we can find your banner and we will link you here, as long as you link us back! :-)

If you like to fulfill graphics request, please let us know so we can link you here!!

Your maintainers are:

vikkicinno Vikki


achaikos Dimitri

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